Team Fortress is 15, free hats for all! Also, cake

Team Fortress 2 is 15

Team Fortress turned 15 years old yesterday. To celebrate, the TF2 blog announces that everyone who logs into the game today will get a free party hat and a free noisemaker that will have unlimited uses for the duration of the day, and on this day every year from now until the heat death of the universe. Also, health packs look like cake now! And ammunition looks like presents.

The birthday celebrations also see the return of some familiar old birthday items. The Team Fortress Birthday Beach Ball is back, and for the duration of today's celebrations, players will explode in a shower of balloons and confetti. The blog post doesn't mention exactly when the birthday celebrations will end, but I just logged in and scooped a birthday cap. Looks like the party's set to continue a little while longer.

Tom Senior

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