Tasty Skyrim mod adds Riverwood Pizza shop with 80 different combos, Survival Mode compatible

With its dragons, factions, giants, trolls, dynamic weather system, aurora borealis and more, Skyrim presents a pretty sophisticated world. But it's missing pizza.

Enter Arron Dominion's Skyrim Pizza—Survival Mode Edition mod, which adds Chef Turtle's Riverwood Pizza shop to the quaint, White River-facing village. 

"Pizza is not as modern as one might think," reads the mod's description. "Chef Turtle has moved to Riverwood and opened up Riverwood Pizza. He has shared his secret with the Dragonborn through books, and there are 80 different combinations that can be baked. [Chef Turtle] bakes in the morning and opens up from noon to 8pm every day to sell Pizza."

Arron Dominion continues, saying three recipe texts can be purchased from Chef Turtle himself in Riverwood, in Dawnguard's Soul Cairn, and in Solstheim's The Retching Netch inn. A number of pizzas also have healing properties, and restore a set amount of healing points in tandem with the game's survival mode.  

The mod blurb continues: "There are a total of 80 different combinations that one can bake. All that is required is the knowledge, retrieving the proper ingredients, and [locating] an oven. And in this version each will help you in managing your hunger for the Creation Club Survival Mode content."

The full list of 80 pizza variations can be found via the mod's Nexus page—which is also where you'll find installation instructions. 

Some of my favourites include the Arcanely Resistance Soul Husk Pizza (2x tomatoes, soul husk, cheese wedge, salt pile, chicken egg, nirnroot, bleeding crown), the Blood Pie Pizza (2x tomatoes, flour, cheese wedge, salt pile, potion of blood), and the Dragonborn Lovers Sujamma Crust Pizza (1x beef, 1x goat meat, 1x pheasant, 1x rabbit, 1x venison). 

Have a look for yourself, and share your own favourites in the comments below.