Tangiers to launch in November after imminent beta testing


It feels like ages since we first heard about Tangiers back in 2013. I guess it has been ages. Andalusian Games describes it as (take a deep breath) "like Thief making out with Kentucky Route Zero, with a bit of Dear-Esther-On-Bath-Salts thrown into the mix". That's enough to get me interested, so it's good to hear the game will enter beta on September 3, ahead of its final release on November 26.

The trailer above makes an effort to set the scene, but it's a fascinatingly unfamiliar one. According to the studio you play as "an outsider" forced to stealthily navigate the murky city of Tangiers. It's an open sandbox, and in addition to sneaking around you'll also "use language as a weapon", though what that entails I'm not sure. It arrives on Steam and Itch.io in November.

Shaun Prescott

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