Talisman Digital Edition hits Steam Early Access, has four-player local multiplayer (for now)

Fantasy-themed board game Talisman was given a strangely single-player video game version last year in the form of Talisman Prologue, but that turned out to be a mere, er, prologue to the main event: a proper multiplayer version for up to four players. Talisman Digital Edition is such a thing, and when it's done it will let you roll virtual dice and move virtual miniatures online. The Steam Early Access version will only let you do that via LAN, unfortunately, but it does come bundled with a copy of Prologue - which is nice.

That Steam Early Access page is live now , inviting you to pay £11.99 for an advance, in-progress copy of the game. Lack of online play aside, from the the video it looks rather gorgeous, with the game board resembling an actual board (using the game's actual miniatures) rather transforming it into some purely digital thing.

Talisman Digital Edition is set to properly release in January next year. (Ta, RPS )

Tom Sykes

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