Tale of Tales reveals Sunset release date

Sunset 6

Sunset is a first-person game about keeping an apartment tidy in the midst of an unfolding revolution in South America. It's being developed by Tale of Tales, the indie studio behind games like The Endless Forest, The Path, and Luxuria Superbia, and now has a release date: May 21.

We actually took a look at Sunset back in February, and joking aside, it's a fascinating concept. You play a housekeeper for a wealthy resident of San Bavón, a fictional South American city, popping into his penthouse once a week to dust the place. But while you're trying to earn a living, revolution is sweeping the country, and the guy you're working for is somehow involved, which you can dig into by poking through his stuff while he's out. Or, I suppose, you could just clean.

Austin Wintory of Journey (the game, not the band) and Banner Saga fame is doing the soundtrack, which is very cool too. More information about Sunset, which can still be preordered at a 25 percent discount off the regular $20 price, is up at tale-of-tales.com.

Andy Chalk

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