Take on Helicopters lifts-off today


It may not be Longbow 3, but rotary-wing aircraft enthusiasts should be interested in Bohemia Interactive's Take on Helicopters , a civil aviation flight sim that tells the story of the Larkins, a down-on-their luck family of pilots who have just one more chance to keep their business alive. It's available to day via Steam, Gamersgate, and many other distributors .

The trailer might hint at corniness, but it's an interesting idea. The narrative structure seems to provide an arc for a campaign that moves from helicopter basics to far more challenging missions, like rescues at sea and tactical insertions. And if you think it's just window-dressing, go check out the backstory available at Take on Helicopters' website. There is a surprising amount of forethought that has gone into this campaign.

The backstory also hints at combat missions in South Asia, one of the game's two environments. Whether pilot-protagonist Tom Larkin will wind up in South Asia is anyone's guess, but the site certainly indicates that a military component will feature heavily in Take on Helicopters. I just really hope that means I got a rocket-equipped aircraft at some point.

But really, helicopter sims have ranked always among my favorites, a constant challenge and thrillingly perilous at low-altitude. Hellfire missiles and chainguns are just gravy.