Take a tour of the cockpits of Star Wars: Squadrons

I love a good cockpit, and Star Wars: Squadrons has eight of them. The four starfighters of the Empire and the New Republic each have unique cockpit layouts, arranging the same displays and control panels in distinct ways. After even just a couple hours of playing Squadrons, I could easily tell the ships apart by their cockpit designs, and started picking up on the more subtle details that give them a little more personal flair. Also, I unlocked an Ewok bobblehead, which I instantly added to my dashboard.

In the video above, I break down how each instrument on a Star Wars: Squadrons control panel works and highlight some of the differences between ships. I also dive into some of the customization options for the cockpit, from bobbleheads to the holograms that give you orders as you fly into battle.

Wes Fenlon
Senior Editor

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