System Shock remake shares screens, concept art, and 'Adventure Alpha' details

Nightdive Studios has shared a handful of System Shock remake screenshots, some concept artwork and assets, and details on its upcoming 'Adventure Alpha'.  

As explained in this Kickstarer backer update, the game's Adventure Alpha is its September milestone, and will be "reminiscent" of the original with its difficulty set to zero. In turn, players will be able to explore Citadel Station, listen to audio logs, and complete objectives without being pursued by hostile enemies. 

Nightdive says it's aiming to have everything on that wrapped up by September—whose original textures look something like this:

"Keep in mind these are the original textures and not the final art," says the developer. "Not only will it make the Adventure Alpha more interesting but it will provide the team with a blueprint of how to approach updated art, lighting, level design."

On the assets and concept artwork front, Nightdive shares the following:

"Robb has been working very hard on re-conceptualizing and revisiting some of the common items and elements on board the station," the post adds. "Objects such as doors, lifts, and items like the dermal patches are all seeing new iterations."

Game remakes shouldn't be afraid to change the classics, reckons Samuel. I agree, even if it was this very idea that stalled the System Shock "faithful reboot" earlier this year. The above suggests it's back on track, but, as Wes uncovered at GDC, we also know it's unlikely to appear till 2020.