System Shock: Enhanced Edition hits GOG

System Shock Enhanced Edition

You hear a lot of talk about System Shock 2, but the original rarely gets a mention. It's a bit, well, OK a lot more awkward to play these days, but without it we wouldn't have the sequel, or BioShock, or pretty much any game with 'Shock' in the title. Well, System Shock has just appeared on in an 'Enhanced Edition' that adds mouselook support (YES!), support for higher resolutions (YES), a remappable control scheme (GREAT), along with a few bug fixes (OK THEN).

As a lack of mouse support was the main thing stopping me from getting out of the first room when I attempted to play the sci-fi FPS/RPG a few years ago, I am very happy about this news. Looking Glass Studios' game—remastered here by Night Dive Studios, who also did the sequel—can currently be yours for $8 on GOG (there's a 20% discount on at the moment).

Many of System Shock's developers gathered together to play their game recently. You can watch the seven-hour-long Let's Play at this link.

Tom Sykes

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