Watch System Shock developers play and talk about the seminal game


Before there was Bioshock , Bioshock 2 , and Bioshock Infinite there was System Shock. Released 20 years ago, the original Shock had a huge influence on the games industry and the Bioshock games in particular, of course. If you're curious about System Shock, this video of the developers playing and talking about it is a must watch.

Programmer Marc LeBlanc streamed the play session on Twitch, though other developers who worked on the game dropped by and shared interesting, behind the scenes details.

For example, they explain how the password to get out of the first room in the game was 451, in tribute to Ray Bradbury's novel , but also the actual password to Looking Glass Studios' office. In retrospect, they admit that wasn't the best idea.

They also talk about how they designed the game's relatively open-ended spaceship that allowed players to discover the story and solutions to problems at their own pace. Some parts of it actually make Bioshock Infinite look terribly linear by comparison

It's also just funny to see them get totally lost in and make fun of parts of the game that didn't hold up well at all.

You can watch the seven hours (!) of them playing System Shock on Twitch or YouTube .