Syndicate trailer shows off homicidal partner and brain hack

[VAMS id="lDw7It90f3Vie"]

I've been a bit apprehensive about the new Syndicate. However, so long as you're ok with Starbreeze's FPS interpretation, you'll probably be pleasantly surprised by the 11 minutes of gameplay footage as seen on OXM . It appears that Syndicate could be quite a competent shooter packing a few smart moves.

Chief among the features shown off is the hacking. The Syndicate team have clearly taken a leaf from the Deus Ex manual, with many things from modular room systems to even human brains being hackable. That's about as far as the influence goes though; hacking is not a play style, but rather a technique to accompany the exceptionally brash nature of this shooter. What appears to be a single button-press activated contextual hack will scramble electronic devices while you simultaneously blow the brains out of your enemies.

So does Syndicate look like it's heading in a direction you can approve of, or do you still wish Starbreeze had stayed true to the series' tactical origins?