Syndicate script leaked?


Rumour has it that Starbreeze, the developers behind the excellent Chronicles of Riddick: Escape from Butcher Bay, are working on a remake of the 1993 Bullfrog classic, Syndicate. Project Redlime is though to be the codename for the project, which is being developed with EA.

Now Siliconera say they've received excerpts from the game's script. The leaked scenes outline a cyberpunk dystopia ruled by embattled corporations. Chips and implants are an everyday convenience and world powers are at each other's throats over a Uranium pricing dispute.

The conflict between EuroCorp (a familiar name to Syndicate players) and Gulf forms the backdrop to the scene posted by Siliconera, which depict your first moments in the game. You get to meet your parents as a baby in a scene reminiscent of the opening of Fallout 3.

Tiptoeing around spoilers, events occur shortly thereafter which suggest you may end up fighting against EuroCorp, a significant turnaround from the original games, in which you were another faceless member of the syndicate's ranks, ruthlessly crushing any opposition. The rest of the script is available on Siliconera .

If the game is indeed in development at Starbreeze, we might well get a peek at E3 2011 in a couple of weeks. A new Syndicate, Duke Nukem Forever and a new Deus Ex in one year? The '90s are coming back! Would you like to see a new Syndicate game, if so, what improvements would you make to the original?

Tom Senior

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