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Swot up on the PC Gamer Weekender's Shadowhand stream

Shadowhand cards

Shadowhand (opens in new tab) puts me in mind of the Witcher 3 mod (opens in new tab) which replaces every fight with a game of Gwent. You're a highway(wo)man, doing what highwaymen tend to—duel, loot, quip, etc.—the difference being that all of these matters are settled the gentleman's way: a high-stakes game of solitaire.

Grey Alien's period spin on solitaire channels in to the weapons, mind games and bloodshed more typically associated with a PC card game. In the stream, you'll get to hear Jake Birkett and Helen Carmichael talk about the transition from their well received casual card game Regency Solitaire (opens in new tab) to something with a little more depth, harvesting ideas from the RPG along the way.