Pose as an 18th-century highwaywoman in ShadowHand


You might know Cliff Harris' Positech Games for games he developed, like Gratuitous Space Battles 2, but the studio also publishes games by small developers. Such games include Redshirt and the more recent Big Pharma. Now Harris has announced that next on the list is a narrative-driven digital card game called ShadowHand.

The developer behind ShadowHand is Grey Alien Games, also known for developing Regency Solitaire. It tells the story of an 18th-century aristocrat called Lady Darkmoor who masquerades as a highwaywoman known as ShadowHand:

"Fleeing a crime scene and forced to act under the cover of darkness, Shadowhand will stop at nothing to retrieve an incriminating family jewel, and in doing so, safeguard a woman she holds dear."

Mechanically, the game will play out like a historical visual novel with collectible cards and "turn-based solitaire-style" card battles. There's no news on when the game will be out, but there are a couple of screenshots showing characters, weapons, and items like clothing and potions:

Shadowhand character cards

Shadowhand cards

Shadowhand characters