Sword Coast Legends is free to try this weekend

Sword Coast Legends

Should you be hankering for a cRPG set in the Dungeons & Dragons universe this weekend, Sword Coast Legends has you covered: it's free to play from December 17-22 (hoping to translate those free days into some discounted Christmas impulse purchases, I'll wager).

I did the review for Sword Coast Legends and was unenthusiastic. It was playable enough, but for the granddaddy of the RPG to have spawned such an unimaginative, impersonal adventure was a terrible shame, particularly in the lack of expression it allowed in its Dungeon Master mode. It arrived two years too late for the cRPG revival, when other games in the genre like Pillars of Eternity had already had new and better ideas. Since then however, Sword Coast Legends' shortcomings have been acknowledged and a couple of content patches have appeared to spruce things up, so maybe it will hold your attention. Free is free, after all.

Thanks, Destructoid.