Sword Coast Legends getting free DLC to make up for "polarizing" launch

Sword Coast Legends

I had high hopes for Sword Coast Legends, although to be perfectly honest about it I'd have high hopes for anything that was isometric, party-based, and said "Sword Coast" in the title. My foibles aside, the game just didn't quite live up to expectations. It has "mixed" user reviews on Steam, which is never good news, and our own review wasn't particularly enthusiastic either. Judging by most reactions, it's not terrible, just bland.

To its credit, developer n-Space has acknowledged that the game has proven "polarizing," as President Dan Tudge put it. "While many players love it, it is clear that for many, Sword Coast Legends did not meet their expectations," he wrote in a "State of the Game" message. "For those who have expressed disappointment in the game, I have just one thing to say: 'We hear you'."

To help address the game's shortcomings, Tudge laid out the studio's plan for future updates and DLC, which will be released at no charge. The first update, the Halloween-themed "Pumpkin Patch," went live today, adding a new "Liars' Night" themed area, Cemetery DM location, and making several tweaks and bug fixes. Two more "Community Packs" are planned for release on November, followed by a third in December, and then an entirely new adventure set in the Underdark and featuring Drizzt Do'Urden called Rage of Demons.

Tudge said n-Space is taking feedback from players and incorporating it into its plans for the game, and will make the "resulting changes and additions" public at some point in the future. "This is truly just the beginning," the wrote. "We hear your concerns, wishes, and desires loud and clear, and we are already working on them and hope you stay with us to continue the adventure."

Andy Chalk

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