Swery's The Good Life has a story trailer

After one unsuccessful crowdfunding campaign last year, Swery's The Good Life reached its Kickstarter goal on second showing this week. According to the project's page, the cats-and-dogs murder mystery game will be brought to life next year, all going to plan, in something that boasts "bizarre and mysterious things" and "unique and memorable characters".

Some of that is teased in the game's first story trailer:

Against what we've seen so far, there's not an inordinate amount of new information to go on there, but I for one am pleased The Good Life exists. 

Swery, aka Hidetaka Suehiro, is best known for writing and directing the 2010 cult classic Deadly Premonition (2013 on PC via the Director's Cut)—which was as wonderful as it was broken. The above doesn't exactly reflect Francis York Morgan's Twin Peaks-aping tale in looks, but there is an air of quirkiness about it that echoes Greenvale and its cast of haphazard civilians.  

Also: It's about cats and dogs and murders and mysteries. So, yeah, it's pretty out there. 

At the time of writing, The Good Life's Kickstarter campaign has seven hours to go. Head in this direction if you fancy throwing a few quid at it before it closes.