Sweet gear from Nvidia up for grabs in Fallout 4 mod contest

We're fashionably late in covering this, but Nvidia is sponsoring a Fallout 4 mod contest in which it's putting up $40,000 worth of prizes to be spread out among 20 finalists.

The contest coincides with the release of Bethesda's Fallout 4 Creation Kit for PC. It's the same tool that Bethesda used to create Fallout 4, and it's available free to anyone who owns the PC version of Fallout 4 and a Bethesda.net account. If you decide to give it a go, you can check out the Creation Kit Wiki for details and tips.

 There are four modding categories to enter: 

  • Status: Mods manipulating the way things work in the game, like dialogue, audio mods, patches, UI changes, and Utilities
  • Inventory: Mods based around creating weapons, enhancements to existing weapons, apparel, aids/chems, miscellaneous items, and more
  • Data: Mods focusing on new quests and Fallout 4’s Workshop mode
  • Map: Mods featuring new environmental elements—new towns, cities, vegetation, environmental art, and more

To participate, you have to download and use the Fallout 4 Creation Kit, upload your mod and a screenshot or video of how it works to Bethesda.net, and then submit an official entry form.

Nvidia will pick its five favorite mods from each category for a total of 20 finalists, all of which will receive a Bethesda gift bag and a GeForce GTX graphics card (no word on which card, unfortunately; is it too much to hope for a GTX 1080?). Then it's up to public voting to pick the best of the best in each category.

First place winners will receive $5,000, a Bethesda gift bag, and a Geforce GTX graphics. The grand prize winner will collect a cool $10,000, a custom Fallout 4 PC, and engineering support from Nvidia.

Go here for more details and to submit your entry form. The deadline to enter is July 3, 2016.

Paul Lilly

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