Survival management RPG Dead in Bermuda is now free on Origin

Dead in Bermuda is a "survival management game with RPG and adventure elements" in which a plane crash leaves eight people stranded on a desert island, and it falls to you to keep them alive. You'll have to deal with all the usual problems, like hunger, sickness, injury, depression, and interpersonal relationships, while researching and crafting upgrades to your camp, exploring the island around you, and unraveling the secrets of an ancient Atlantean prophecy—a point on the feature list that really comes out of nowhere. 

I'll admit that I wasn't familiar with the game prior to today, but it's been out for a couple of years and has "mostly positive" user reviews on Steam. More relevantly, it's free—totally free—on Origin right now as an "On the House" game. That means you can hit the Origin page, click the "Add to Game Library" button, and it will be added permanently to your game library. Free game!

If the low price of "free" doesn't quite convince you, you can learn more about the game at If, on the other hand, you like what you see, developer CCCP has a new "bad news in a nice place" game, Dead in Vinland, coming on April 12. 

Andy Chalk

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