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Surreal Apex Legends bug is doing a switcheroo on character abilities

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Apex Legends has just kicked off season 14—introducing new character Vantage (opens in new tab), marking the death of the self-revive perk and increasing the level cap with an extra three tiers of 500 levels. It's also had some unintended side effects, like a very humorous bug that does the old switcheroo on character abilities.

Videos have started cropping up on Reddit, where players are selecting one character and being given the abilities of an entirely different one, creating hybrids like Valktane (opens in new tab) and Ashloba (opens in new tab). The combinations have been endless, and players are eager to experience the bug to get some strange combos themselves. "Can't wait to have Pathfinder Valkyrie kit," one player joked (opens in new tab), while another said (opens in new tab) "I need to see a Gibby pop a Bloodhound ult and run down an Octane."

newcastle_buff_ps4 from r/apexlegends

While the videos have been mighty entertaining, I'm sure it's a frustrating bug in practice. One player commented (opens in new tab) how a glitched Wraith with Gibby's kit was the "worst fight ever," calling it "infuriating to fight against." I imagine it's a bit annoying picking one character only to be shafted with the abilities of someone else—I sincerely hope that former PCG writer Nat Clayton is happily playing without any accidental Horizon tampering.

Thankfully, Respawn is aware (opens in new tab) of the surreal Freaky Fridayesque situation. It's currently investigating the problem, and hopefully a fix will be pushed out soon enough. It's not entirely clear exactly why the bug is happening just yet, though according to GamesRadar (opens in new tab) it looks like the abilities are coming from whichever character is featured on the home page. 

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