Surprise! For Honor celebrates May the Fourth by giving players lightsabers

For Honor is getting into the "May the Fourth" spirit by turning its weapons into lightsabers.

As spotted by PCGN, the For Honor subreddit has become awash with videos and images of players showing off their Jedi moves after the developer dropped the stealthy update without so much as an announcement. Not only will your usual weapon magically transform into a red, blue or green lightsaber, but it will also sound like the legendary weapon from Star Wars, too.

Players have enjoyed the addition so much, there are even calls for Ubisoft to keep lightsabers "as a localised effect" that could be toggled off/on in the options menu. "Please Make The Lightsabers A Permanent Option! Really, this amazing!" begged one player, while another added: "Man this little secret event is dope."

"Ubi alot of us are straight up telling you we'd buy the lightsabers if you made them an effect, take the hint," said u/gerber_babycakes. "This is the first time I've ever asked for a thing to be made into a microtransaction."

Given we didn't know the event was coming we also don't know when it'll end, either, so if you fancy hopping on, don't delay—it's very possible this is a one-day-only celebration.

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