Subversion's dramatic new audio

Subversion image

Subversion looks incredible. The Mission Impossible simulator from British indies Introversion has been in development for a long time, but it's now rapidly taking shape. Chris Delay has just updated his development blog with the twentieth report of the game's progress, highlighting the game's cool-looking dynamic audio system. Check below the fold for the latest video.

Introversion are famous for making Darwinia and DEFCON, and the latter had a haunting soundtrack that changed dynamically as your population died from nuclear war. Subversion has a more advanced version of that same system, but this time tailored to provide a dramatic soundtrack based on how close to detection your team is.

Subversion puts you in control of a team of operatives on sneaky missions to steal, hack and manipulate the world. At this year's World of Love conference at Channel 4, Chris controlled a team of three as they robbed a bank. The team hacked keypads and security cameras, scanned through walls, shot and intimidated guards, and eventually cracked the bank's vault, before making a tense escape seconds before the police arrived.

There's still much work to be done, but I already can't wait to play it. You can read more about their recent progress at the Introversion forum .