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Stronghold Crusader 2 trailer has a vendetta against castles, shows off Skirmish mode

Stronghold Crusader 2 - Firefly Studios' Holy Land-set castle-building, castle-maintaining and castle-sploding RTS sequel - is due out this summer, and will hopefully arrive in a better state than the shambolic Stronghold 3. This new trailer offers a flaming, besieged look at the game's Skirmish mode, which will let you play co-operatively or in rival teams online. Providing you can breach our defences, make sure you have a watch of it after the break.

The accompanying blog post reveals that Skirmish mode "includes eight AI characters and the ability to take your castle siege online, which extends to eight players and the option to play in teams or co-op."

The mode "will be included in the game at launch alongside two single player campaigns, one from each side of the conflict between the invading Crusader hordes and Arabic freedom fighters. While the single player campaigns are very much designed to teach players the basics before taking their fight online, the Crusader 1 style skirmish trails will also make a return. These trails contain some of the most difficult missions in the game, putting the skills of even the most hardened Stronghold Crusader veterans to the test."

Thanks, Blue's News .