Indie shooter Strike Vector gets Steam Greenlight gameplay trailer

Indie shooter Strike Vector has released a new Steam Greenlight trailer , giving us a substantial look at gameplay footage from the in-progress, multiplayer air-combat title. Building on what we have already seen , the new video shows more of the gritty world that serves as a backdrop for multiplayer dogfights between agile mercenary jet fighters.

Strike Vector appears to be a shooter built upon a series on contrasting and flexible approaches to gameplay. The trailer demonstrates two examples of this, in that pilots can switch between first-person and third-person views of their Vector fighters as well as two different ways of flying—stationary mode and jet mode. We also get a hint of the customization options being built into the game. The video shows a left and right weapon platform for the jet, with associated perks and engine options also a possibility.

Any art style that brings to mind classic, John Harris-style sci-fi illustrations, is always appreciated. And with its giant ships, one-man fighters, and industrial feel, that's exactly what is on display so far in Strike Vector.

Designed by a four-person team, the game currently has a release date for "early 2014," according to the its official website . Check out the new trailer below.

Hat tip, Rock, Paper, Shotgun .