Strike Vector looking for recruits as it jets toward January open beta

We usually get a little metal with our mayhem whenever a new Strike Vector trailer surfaces, and the latest video doesn't disappoint. The indie, ship-based shooter has released some new footage to go along with a call to arms for any pilots eager to try out the game in an open beta set to start in early January.

As we've seen in previous videos , Strike Vector offers a hybrid approach to maneuvering with its attack ships, in that pilots can fly from the cockpit or in third person in order to navigate some pretty tight spaces. And given the labyrinth-like industrial build up on the maps we've seen so far, this surely has to be a good advantage. The beta trailer below teases some pin-point sniping, a stealthy camouflage effect for the ships, as well as another look at the massive, post-apocalyptic sky installations that serve as the story backdrop to all the dog fighting.

A product of the Steam Greenlight process, nine-person developer Team Strike appears to be making the beta application process about as straightforward as possible. If you want to take part, send an email to and tell the team you'd like to sign up.

Thanks, Rock, Paper, Shotgun.