Street Fighter costume modders issued DMCA takedown notice from Capcom

Two modders known for creating custom skins for Street Fighter have received DMCA takedown notices from Capcom. Modders Brutal Ace and Khaledantar666 both supported their modding activities with Patreon—Khaledantar666 by offering requests in exchange for pledges, and Brutal Ace by giving Patreon backers an early download ahead of a later free release of his skins. In addition to Capcom's apparent objection to the modders profiting from the skins, some of the skins used copyrighted material from properties such as Marvel.

"As you know, Capcom issued a DMCA notice to take down my Patreon page, Patreon gave me 48 hours to inform all patrons about this situation and I did it by making a post for all patrons, sending them pm and emails, now my Patreon page is gone..." Khaledantar666 wrote on his page at Deviant Art. He says he removed links to his mods from YouTube and Reddit posts to avoid further DMCA notices, though he also promised to continue modding.

Brutal Ace cites, in addition to the DMCA, harsh backlash from Reddit—reportedly unhappy about having to pay for mods—as a reason for discontinuing, for the time being, his work on Street Fighter skins. "I just wanted to say that I am going to quit releasing mods for [an] unknown amount of time," he wrote on his Patreon page. "I know it's not the best decision but one can only face that much hate and salt."

Thanks, Kotaku.

Christopher Livingston
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