Street Fighter 5 to bring characters to free-to-download card game Shadowverse

After launching on mobile devices last June, Cygames' Hearthstone-a-like Shadowverse arrived on PC in late October. It's since racked up loads of glowing Steam reviews, and now seeks to add some "extra punch" to its deep CCP strategy makeup by inviting seven Street Fighter 5 characters into the fold this spring. 

In partnership with Capcom, this means the following fighters will star with specific in-game character classes: 

  • Cammy (Forestcraft)
  • Chun Li (Swordcraft)
  • Juri (Runecraft)
  • Ryu (Dragoncraft)
  • M. Bison (Shadowcraft)
  • Vega (Bloodcraft)
  • Karin (Havencraft)

 And will look something like this:

With seven unique hero classes to choose from and vibrant real-time multiplayer battles, there’s a fresh challenge in every game of Shadowverse—and now extra punch," reads a statement. "Please note that although Shadowverse is free to download and play, the Street Fighter V related content may require additional in-game purchases, and the final details of the collaboration may be subject to change." 

Cygames advises those interested to keep their eye on the Shadoverse site for further details on the Street Fighter 5 collaboration, however the partnership is expected to launch at some stage this spring.