Street Fighter 5 Arcade Edition update adds colour-coded training mode

Street Fighter 5 welcomes its much-anticipated Arcade Edition next week, which adds an Extra Battle Mode, Team Battle Mode, a host of balance adjustments, and a new colour-coded advantage system to the game's training system. 

The latter lets players view the frame data of each move—in turn determining how safe or unsafe committing to specific maneuvers may be. In practice this has players glowing blue when the move in question offers an advantage, whereas moves that might leave players vulnerable has them glowing red. 

Elsewhere, the update lets players change their Fighter IDs and Home flags by spending 200K-worth of in-game Fight Money, or $9.99 in-store. A new Grand Master Rank is also available for those in possession of over 35,000 League Points. 

The patch notes cite Regular Throws have had their active length increased, while combo scaling for combos that include V-Trigger activation have also been upped. The recovery time from Command Throws has been increased, too. 

More information on all of the above, plus the exhaustive list of character balance changes, can be found via this Capcom Unity blog post. Street Fighter 5's Arcade Edition is due January 16.