Strata: create colourful crossweaves in this musical puzzler

Strata thumb

The trailer for Strata makes a strong argument for why you shouldn't watch a puzzle game being played without understanding its most basic concepts. Why does that ribbon go there? Why did that work? What's happening? Oh, sure, it's very pretty, and it sounds lovely, but I don't understand! Fortunately, you can avoid my mistakes just by reading the most basic summary.

The Most Basic Summary: "The top ribbon you place must match the colored square at that point."

As the video is played you can see how this works. The ribbons triggering those attractive chimes must be laid on top of each other, weaving to create a patchwork of colours that line up with the squares underneath. It sounds like a solid concept for a series of puzzles, and one delivered with a attractively stark and clean presentation.

Strata is due out in "Summer 2013," which is a season that includes right now. You can vote for it on Steam Greenlight .

Thanks, Indie Games .

Phil Savage

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