Strange Brigade season pass and free monthly updates revealed

Rebellion has revealed its post-launch plans for the co-op supernatural shooter Strange Brigade, which will include a three-part "mini-campaign" available in a season pass and free monthly updates that the studio promised will "escalate the escapades."

Strange Brigade follows four adventurers, each with unique weapons and abilities, as they roam through an pulp fiction-styled 1930s Egypt and battle the forces of the undead Witch Queen Seteki. Shooting stuff is obviously job number one, but Rebellion said it will also feature environmental traps, secrets, puzzles to solve, and "ancient contraptions that need awakening." 

The whole thing is modeled after the Saturday matinee serials of the 1930s and '40s, a motif reflected in the trailer above and the exclamation-pointed list of season pass contents below: 

  • An intriguing new three-part mini-campaign, with amazing spectacles and incredible feats!
  • Brave new heroes from across the globe, complete with their own inimitable abilities!
  • Brand new wonderful weapons, outrageous outfits, amazing amulet powers and more!
  • And yes, that's right, all future Strange Brigade content!

Standalone pricing for the season pass wasn't announced, but the Strange Brigade Deluxe Edition, which includes the pass, goes for $80 (that's the regular price—it's currently available for preorder on Steam at a 10 percent discount) while the regular release is $50. Rebellion said that details on the free monthly updates will be announced later.

Andy Chalk

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