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STRAFE sidles onto Kickstarter, has interesting trailer


What better way to announce a '90s-style FPS than with a '90s-style trailer. This, the Kickstarter pitch video for the old-school aping shooter STRAFE, is certainly EXTREME. Could it even be RADICAL?

Having used up my memory's supply of '90s slang, I am now out of exclamations for this paragraph. Er, COWABUNGA?

What's Strafe, then? It's a procedurally generated shooter featuring randomised levels. That's not very '90s, to be honest, but the game's reliance on pick-ups and secrets is. At the start, you'll pick one of three guns, and then be set loose through an enemy-filled set of levels, looking for new guns and power-ups to help you slaughter your way to the end.

The developers are looking for $185,096 on Kickstarter to make Strafe a reality. So far, they've raised $36,000 with 28 days of their campaign remaining. For more, head over to that Kickstarter page. Also, there's this: the official Strafe internet web page.

Phil Savage
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