Saints Row 4 trailer throws a guy into a jet

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The frequently ridiculous but always entertaining Saints Row series is continuing with Saints Row IV, due to arrive August 23. We've already gotten the details on the new “ Commander in Chief ” preorder pack, and we've already gotten a glimpse of the kinds of insanity players will experience when they jump back in with the Saints . We've already talked about the dubstep gun .

Now here's a video where a guy gets thrown into the flight path of a jet with telekinesis.

What else is there to say? There's some suggestive dancing, some scantily clad ladies, a guy in underwear, a vest and a top hat. Oh, and the bunny slippers. The video is barely thirty seconds long, which tells you that developer Volition really zeroed in on the important stuff: dancing, throwing, airplane, splat.

The chaos players can enjoy in a fully realized open world game is quite something to behold in, for lack of a better term, “normal” circumstances. But when a series like Saints Row revels in turning it up to 11 for every outing, well...jet-splat.