Stellaris: Utopia expansion release date confirmed, reveal trailer revealed

If history has taught us anything about Paradox games, it's that they often excel long after launch with post-release DLC, updates and expansions. As teased earlier this month, Stellaris' first major expansion, Utopia, looks to follow suit and now has a release date: April 6. 

With a focus on growing your space-flung empires further still, Utopia will see players crafting "wondrous" megastructures including Dyson Spheres and ring worlds, building Habitat Stations—which allow for tall structures in otherwise confined empires—and getting to grips with the expansion's more sophisticated Rights and Privileges, whereby they can "set specific policies for which of the many species under your thumb will have the rights and privileges of full citizenship."

Paradox marks all of that with the following reveal trailer: 

And also offers a rundown of Utopia's new Ascension Perks: 

"One of the core improvements in Utopia is the introduction of Ascension Perks. As your species advances and gains new traditions, it can choose how it wants to evolve as it is further enlightened. You can choose between a biological path, a psionic path or a synthetic path, with various options within these broad categories. Body, Mind or Machine—how will your species challenge the future?"

The outcome of that will be down to you come April 6 when Stellaris: Utopia lands. It'll cost $19.99/€19.99 (and I think £14.99) via Steam and the Paradox Store when it does.