Steel Division 2's first free DLC pack is out now

(Image credit: Eugen Systems)

The first of ten planned free DLC expansions for Steel Division 2 is out today, and it adds two new divisions to the battlefield.

On the Soviet side, there's the 84th Guards Rifle Division, while the Germans get the 25. Panzergrenadier Division.

The new divisions feature some new units, including the 84th's KV-8 heavy flamethrower tank. I'll repeat that: it's a heavy flamethrower tank. Here's how it works:

(Image credit: Eugen Systems)

The 25. Pazergrenadiers, on the other hand, rely on infantry and heavy artillery, making up for a lack of anti-aircraft with the massive K5329(f) 220mm howitzer. The DLC also includes two new aces: Nikolay Stepanovich Averin, from the 3rd Guards Mechanized Corps, and Helmuth Harth of the 20. Panzerdivision.

You'll also find a new map called Siedlce, designed for 2v2 or 1v1 skirmish, co-op, and solo play. It's named for a town in Poland that saw brutal oppression from the Nazis in World War II. The main terrain feature is a set of natural water reservoirs, and Eugen says it will provide a "unique tactical challenge for the best commanders".

Top that off with two new songs for the soundtrack, and Steel Division 2's first free DLC pack is a healthy injection of new content for the wargame-flavored RTS. You can find it on Steam, although if you have Steel Division 2 installed, it should be included with an automatic update. For more, check out our Steel Division 2 review.