Steampunk WW1 RTS Iron Harvest has been picked up by Deep Silver

Iron Harvest developer King Art Games has announced that the game now has a publisher: Deep Silver. In a post on its website announcing the news, the developer explains that it's fielded over a dozen offers from publishers, speaking to a few of them, but found the publisher behind crowdfunded games like Kingdom Come: Deliverance, Shenmue 3 and Pathfinder: Kingmaker to be the "perfect fit".

"We agreed with Deep Silver that King Art will retain total creative control," the developer explained. "Deep Silver have also committed themselves to help with things like production, first party relations e.g. so we can concentrate to fulfil all of our promises towards you. With their support, more content, potentially more platforms and even a level editor are now on the horizon."

You can read about the progress the developer is making towards a level editor in the full post here. Iron Harvest was successfully crowdfunded in early 2018, raising $1.2 million from over 16,000 backers. Check out this rad alpha gameplay trailer from last year:

For more info on the game, including the planned unit types, I recommend checking out Tom's interview with King Art Games from just under a year ago. 

Samuel Roberts
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