Steam Link is on sale again for $5, or $35 bundled with a Steam Controller

Tis the season of stocking up on games at Steam, which you can commence doing now that the Winter Sale is under way. It's not just software, though. On the hardware side, Valve's Steam Link is on sale for just $5.

That's a generous 90 percent off its regular price, matching the same discount that was available last month during the Black Friday and Cyber Monday madness. Shipping is a bit of a buzz kill, though if you can find one in stock at your local GameStop, you can save there as well.

At $5, it's a lot easier to recommend the Steam Link for streaming your Steam library to your TV. If you're interested, head here to grab it off Steam, or here if you want to buy it from GameStop.

You can also find the Valve's Steam Controller on sale, though the discount is not quite as deep. It's marked down 33 percent to $33.50 on Steam and $33 at GameStop. If you're going that route, however, you might as well pick up the Steam Controller + Steam Link bundle, which Steam has listed for $34.63.

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Paul Lilly

Paul has been playing PC games and raking his knuckles on computer hardware since the Commodore 64. He does not have any tattoos, but thinks it would be cool to get one that reads LOAD"*",8,1. In his off time, he rides motorcycles and wrestles alligators (only one of those is true).