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The Steam Cyberpunk Sale is now underway

Steam Cyberpunk sale

Cyberpunk was a terrible Billy Idol album, but it looks like it has he makings of a pretty good Steam sale. It might stretch the definition of the term a bit in spots, but hey, you can pick up Dreamfall Chapters for $20 and there's nothing wrong with that.

Some of the entries in this sale are obvious, like all things Deus Ex—and for $1.50 you can finally afford to see what all the Invisible War fuss is about—and Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. But there are some less-famous winners as well, including the Blade Runner-channeling Gemini Rue (one of my favorite point-and-clickers of recent years), Mirror's Edge, Transistor, and I Have No Mouth and I Must Scream, the adventure based on Harlan Ellison's famed short story.

A total of 36 games are in the sale, although one of them—Blacklight: Retribution—is free-to-play, so it doesn't really count. (The DLC is marked down, though, so I guess we can call it square.) The Steam Cyberpunk Sale is live now and runs until 10 am PST on March 20, which is Friday.

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