Stealth Bastard release on Linux and Mac means a sale for everybody

Stealth Bastard Deluxe is a world of frighteningly fast-paced, dancing-between-the-deadly-lasers fun, so you can't blame Curve Studios for wanting to get it out to as many people as they can. Yesterday marked its official release on Mac and Linux (or as I like to call it, the penguin OS). But if you're a regular ol' Windows gamer like me, you might wonder, "Huh. What do I get?" Don't worry, friend. No matter the platform, everybody can now get the pixelly stealth platformer on Steam for 50% off. No longer will we be divided by our choice of operating system. Discounts for everybody!

"Since the original was PC-only, this will be the first chance that Mac and Linux players will have had to jump in. I'm really happy to finally be able to make players swear out loud on these platforms too," says developer and totally nice guy Jonathan Biddle.

Self-described as "Metal Gear Solid meets Super Meat Boy," Stealth Bastard Deluxe has been knocked down to $5 over on its Steam page , an offer that'll last till May 7. If you're into that trippy, chippy soundtrack, you can buy it bundled with the game for $6.50. Lastly, fresh players on Mac and Linux can also pick up the DLC, Teleporter Chambers , for $1.50 more.