Starfield player stuffs thousands of potatoes into a room to marvel at how much better Bethesda's physics have gotten

Starfield, a ship airlock door is open, thousands of brown russet potatoes fall out into the hallway
(Image credit: Betehsda Games Studios, "Moozipan")

Before most players are even into Starfield, the classic Bethesda physics gags are going strong. Last week we got a peek at the space future of Hoarders and this week it's all coming up spuds. 

One player, Moozipan, has gone full Scrooge McDuck on the starches, stuffing a room in their spaceship waist-deep with space taters. The real surprise here isn't that a Bethesda game lets you put your processor to the test with excessive item spawns—that was pretty much a given. What's shocking is that when the hatch opens they all just gently spill out, tumbling and bouncing off one another almost like a real room stuffed full of potatoes would. Or at least how I assume it would.

Time To Let Something Go from r/Starfield

Similar antics in Bethesda's other sandbox RPGs aren't quite so pleasant to watch as this exhibition of spudly grace. I'd have expected some severe drop in framerate at least, seeing all that potato spillage, or a big crash to desktop even. But Starfield handles the potato deluge with grace.

Moozipan took it a step further and blew up the potatoes, for science. The ending of that video may be the crash I was waiting for, or just a perfectly cut screams-style clip. Moozipan does not clarify. In either case, this ranks right next to Starfield's operable ladders on my personal bingo card of Bethesda game improvements. 

Now we'll just wait and see if anyone decides to fill an entire city with produce in the near future. If you want to perform your own potato prank, I advise against collecting them all by hand. As Moozipan likely did to achieve this stunt, you can use Starfield console commands to spawn in a high number of any particular object at your current location and voila, potatoes contained.


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