Starfield player builds ungodly spaceship entirely out of hallways: 'I was bored with quests and decided to dedicate time to this'

starfield hallway ship
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My forays into the Starfield ship builder tool have so far been utilitarian: a weapon upgrade here, an extra cargo bay there, and maybe a few more windows so my crew doesn't have to stare at white walls all day. Reddit user FLDJF713 has been on a different mission: to construct a monstrosity of a spaceship almost entirely out of hallways.

They call it the Hallway Fighter 9000, and it features no fewer than 12 consecutive "companionway" modules that, together, create a Z-shaped cruiser that requires an ungodly amount of time to navigate.

Before you ask, no, there is no strategic intent behind the design: "Oh yeah I was bored of quests and decided to dedicate time to this," replied the cursed ship creator in a comment. 

Because I can. The Hallway Fighter 9000. from r/Starfield

FLDJF713 simply wanted to test the limits of Starfield's open-ended ship builder and successfully found the edge, at least dimensionally. The Hallway Fighter measures 39 meters wide and 33 meters deep. Any longer and it wouldn't fit on a landing pad. With the doors between modules closed, FLDJF713 said it takes over a minute to walk from end to end.

Despite the Hallway Fighter's utterly impractical profile, it took some real work to put together because you can't just snap ship pieces together wherever you want. Starfield ships have to pass a flight check before they're declared skyworthy, and that test has all sorts of minimum requirements and restrictions. You can't have engines pointing the wrong way, for instance, block certain certain components with habitat modules, or skimp on basics like a landing gear and loading bay. Making your ship too heavy also effects its handling in space battles, though I'm sure the Hallway Fighter handles like a dream.

Not all ship parts are created equal, either. Users in the comments said they haven't been able to make similar stretches of hallways without restrictions. FLDJF713 said it took a while to track down a specific "companionway" piece that worked, and noted that it can only be purchased from a space yard called The Key. 

The restrictions in ship builder can be a real pain, and the lack of a proper tutorial doesn't help either, but it's nice to see that Bethesda's builder will let you make something truly heinous if you try hard enough.


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