The best Stardew Valley mods

Gameplay mods and additions

Makeshift Multiplayer

Download here (requires SMAPI) 

This mod is incredibly exciting, even if it's only a ramshackle solution until official multiplayer support is added to the game. Makeshift Multiplayer, as the name would indicate, adds online co-op to Stardew Valley. It's not perfect, and some of the bugs aren't going to be fixed when real co-op will eventually show up anyway, but it works well enough to tide us all over until then. 

We've written a full article on how to get it working, as well as some of its limitations and bugs.

Easier Fishing

Stardew Valley Easier Fishing mod

Download here

One of the most common complaints I've seen about Stardew Valley is that the fishing is too hard. I can understand the sentiment, and so can modder steffjes who decided to lower the difficulty on the mini-game. The mod doesn't make fishing mean nothing, but steffjes has adjusted the game to make fish move up and down on the meter less frequently, along with smoothing their movement out so they are easier to track, letting you still enjoy fishing without ripping your hair out. Not a necessary mod if you don't have trouble fishing, but most likely a vital one for many players out there.

It's worth mentioning that steffjes has also made a Harder Fishing mod for you sadists out there.

Teh's Fishing Overhaul

Download here (requires SMAPI)

An alternative to just making fishing easier, Teh's Fishing Overhaul mod reworks fishing in a few different ways. Fish are slightly easier to catch, and there's now a chance that fish can be "unaware" making them even easier. But there's also an entirely new "perfect stream system" that rewards you for chaining perfect catches together. The more times in a row you get a perfect catch, the more likely it is for the fish to be higher quality, and for treasure chests to appear and be better.  

Items show sell price in your inventory

Download here (requires SMAPI)

This is one of those mods I could see quickly getting added to the base game. Modder CJB has made it so items tell you exactly how much they will sell for while they're still in your backpack. This can be helpful when your inventory is reaching its capacity and you aren't sure what to throw out. Now you can be a cold, calculating number cruncher and lose whatever makes you the least money. It would also be helpful while fishing with a full inventory, as you could then choose to eat the cheapest fish to make room for rarer catches. It's a small feature that makes a world of difference.

TimeSpeed Mod - Configurable Day Lengths

Stardew Valley

Download here (requires SMAPI)

Sometimes the stress of Stardew Valley's clock can be too much. How can you possibly water and harvest all of your crops, give gifts to the special someone, and go hunting slimes in the mines when the day goes by so quick? Modder cantorsdust agreed, creating a mod that let's you adjust the amount of seconds each 10 minute block of game time takes. By default, the TimeSpeed Mod doubles the length of a day, but you can go in and manually adjust how much longer (or shorter) it should be. For reference, a day in Stardew Valley (from 6am to 2am) takes 14 minutes not including pauses. Adding just one second to each 10 minute block of game time extends the length of the whole day by two full minutes.

There used to be a separate mod on this list that would freeze time while you were indoors (similar to how Harvest Moon's clock worked) which is now automatically included in this mod. You can turn it on our off in the config file.

Horse Whistle (Teleport)

Stardew Valley

Download here (requires SMAPI)

Another plain and simple fix to an otherwise annoying problem. Press 'V' and your horse will magically teleport to your location, meaning you don't have to worry about leaving him somewhere while you take a different path home. The only thing this mod is missing is an actual whistle sound effect to go along with it, but beggars can't be choosers.

NPC Map Locations

Stardew Valley mod npc map

Download here (requires SMAPI)

Finding your friends can be hard, and your loved ones even harder. While each NPC has a set schedule they stick to, it can be hard to learn what that schedule actually is. This mod makes each NPC show up on your minimap, making it simple to find anyone. But my favorite part of it is actually how it lets you limit that, allowing you to set it so the map only updates once a day, excludes certain people, or even only show the people in the area of town you are currently in. Those options make a mod that could feel like cheating blend into the game a little bit smoother.

Speeder's Slower Fence Decay Mod

Speeders Slower Fence Decay Mod Stardew Valley

Download here (requires SMAPI)

Decaying fences is a super strange part of Stardew Valley to me. It's not really explained very well, and can make a meticulously planned out farm quickly look like a mess. This mod slows the process of fences decaying down, making them less likely to break and allowing them to last longer. It's another mod that plays by the game's rules, but shifts the numbers a bit to make things more forgiving—rather than making fences unbreakable.

Generic Shop Extender

Download here

This mod takes a little bit of work, but it adds a customizable file to the game that lets you set specific shopkeepers to have specific items for sale. It even lets you set items to only become available after certain points in the game. It's a bit more of a cheat than some other mods in this section, but used responsibly it could be nice to simply be able to buy some of the more trivial things you usually have to collect once you are rolling in cash later in the game.  

Fast Geode

Download here (requires SMAPI)

The animation for processing geodes isn't that long, but it can take a frustrating amount of time when you have to crack open a dozen of them at once. This mod simply speeds that process up by getting rid of that animation. You can take a whole stack of geodes and crack them open in seconds. Just make sure you have the inventory space to hold all the things you get from them.

All Crops All Seasons

Stardew Valley mod all crops

Download here (requires SMAPI)

This mod messes with a core part of the game's design, and not necessarily for the better, but it's your call. All Crops All Seasons does just what the name would imply. It allows any crops or seeds to be planted and survive in any season, including winter. You could use this to farm all year, or you could just use it to let yourself keep planting that one vegetable you couldn't live without all year. Either way, it gives you options.

Get Dressed

Download here (requires SMAPI)

Another mod with a simple purpose, but a very important one. Get Dressed simply adds a dresser/mirror combo in your farmhouse that allows you to change your outfit at any time. But beyond that, it actually allows you to select new face types and make-up for your character, meaning you get more than just swapping styles out of this mod. 

Stardew Valley Enhanced

Stardew Valley mod town map enhanced

Download here

While the name might imply more far reaching changes, Stardew Valley Enhanced simply adds a few pathways around the main town to make it easier to traverse. A few extra bridges across the river, and paths to different parts of the map that would otherwise require a more roundabout route. I will say that I don't think new players should use this mod, as it opens up a path to the tide pools even before you rebuild the bridge to access them. If you've already unlocked the tide pools, there's no downside to some easier movement.

More Accessible Wilderness Combat Farm Mod 

Download here

The 1.1 update's new farm layouts were a great addition to the game, but some of the new maps have a lot of wasted space. While that makes sense in something like the Riverlands map (you can't really farm on water) it's more disappointing on the Wilderness map, which has a large inaccessible hill on the left and a stretching valley on the right. In a similar vein to the last mod, this one adds paths to get to these areas, letting you use them to forage, fight, and plants trees. Simple, but effective!