Stardew Valley has sold more than 10 million copies

Stardew Valley 1.4 Update
(Image credit: Concerned Ape)

The peaceful, pleasant farm-life sim Stardew Valley was released on Steam in February 2016, and by April it had surpassed one million copies sold—a big benchmark of success for just about any game, and particularly for a niche indie release developed entirely by one guy. Four years later, the game is available on Mac and Linux, consoles, and mobile devices, and it's now moved past ten million.

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The sales aren't broken down by platform, which is unfortunate, because it'd be interesting to see how PC, console, and mobile numbers compare. Very casually, it appears that Steam still dominates handily: SteamSpy pegs its ownership numbers through the storefront as between five and ten million, so even at the low end that's half the total ownership.

One of the nicest things about Stardew Valley hitting this milestone has been the reaction from the community. Reddit isn't always the most uplifting place on the internet, but the messages in threads on r/pcgaming, r/NintendoSwitch, r/StardewValley (naturally), and others are honestly heartwarming.

And never forget: It all started with a Costco rig and a monitor balanced on a Wii box.

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