Stardew Valley ASMR is a great way to chill out in these tough times

Stardew Valley is a relaxing safe haven for a lot of players, myself included. Planting seeds, watering crops, and chatting with the friendly Pelican Town community is the wholeness we all need right now. Although, if working on a farm for hours a day isn't your idea of chill gameplay but want to still relax, did you know that Stardew Valley ASMR is a thing?

There are a whole bunch of Stardew Valley ASMR videos available to watch over on YouTube. It seems to have been an ASMR trend a couple of years ago that many channels participated in. The videos involve someone whispering into a microphone as they play Stardew Valley with the game's sound turned off. Some videos have keyboard clacking and mouse clicking but normally it's just players exploring the town whispering about what they are doing. 

Surprisingly, there are plenty of other channels that have created ASMR and relaxing videos related to playing games. There are videos about listening to someone build a forest cottage during a thunderstorm in Minecraft, or listening to ASMR sounds of someone recording controller noises whilst playing a campaign in Doom. Personally, I'll just stick to my relaxing videogame music playlists.  

If you're playing Stardew Valley check out our Stardew Valley mods list, with highlights being the mod that swaps out combat for cuddles and the mod that adds a cute cafe run by twin NPCs.


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Rachel Watts

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