This Stardew Valley mod swaps combat for cuddles

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Stardew Valley's murderous mines are strangely juxtaposed to the rest of the farming and life sim. Hit the mines, and this game about making pals, attending parties and tidying up your inherited farm becomes a killing spree where no slime or bat is safe from your sword. Unless you use the Pacifist Valley mod. 

In Pacifist Valley, the mines are simply another place to make lots of new friends. The mod replaces all the weapons with cuddly toys, feathers, love hearts and other friendly things; while the act of combat itself has been replaced with smooching and heart emoting. Instead of dying, the monsters will fall in love with you. 

Fish, unfortunately, can still be killed by the truckload, but that could change in a future update. There are a few issues, too, including some of the gore not being replaced (instead of blood you should just see more hearts), the hit box for some monsters being wrong and some problems with a few of the 'love devices.'

The mines are my least favourite part of Stardew Valley, and the combat is at best perfunctory, so I fully support this loved-up version. Hopefully Leah won't get jealous.

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