Stardew Valley 1.5 is out now, and it's the biggest content addition since launch

Stardew Valley beach
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Earlier today, Stardew Valley developer Eric Barone tweeted about some new features coming in the Stardew Valley 1.5 update. Shortly after, he surprised us by tweeting that the free update is out now on PC. And just like that, you can read the patch notes here (opens in new tab).

The most obvious addition in 1.5 is a new farm type, the beach farm. "Good foraging and fishing, and tons of open space," the farm's description reads. "Sometimes, supply crates wash up on shore. However, sprinklers don't work in the sandy soil."  

Here's some of the additions, directly from Barone:

  • New people to meet
  • New goals
  • Many new items
  • A new type of quest
  • A new farm layout
  • New character events
  • A new Community Upgrade
  • Home renovations (after you’ve fully upgraded your house)
  • Ducks can now swim
  • You can sit in chairs
  • You can move your bed
  • Fish Tanks
  • A bunch of new furniture items as well as new furniture types like wall sconces
  • New secrets
  • 9 new music tracks
  • And so much more… you’ll just have to see, I can’t bear to spoil it
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However, sun-soaked sands are far from the only addition in what Barone calls "the biggest solid chunk of new content that's been added to the game since launch." The update adds new gameplay options (you can adjust mine rewards, for instance), split-screen co-op, and a big list of new "late game" stuff to encounter and craft. 

If you want to see everything that's been added, a complete changelog (opens in new tab) is available, but if you want to avoid spoilers, you may not want to read such a detailed list. To summarize, there's something new in just about every category: crops, food items, people, monsters, craftable items, clothing, furniture, and so on. There's even a new TV channel (though you have to unlock it somehow).

If you haven't played our favorite farming game, Stardew Valley is 33% off on Steam (opens in new tab) right now, brining it down to $10/£7.36. Our review from 2016 still captures what we like so much about it, but it's grown a lot since then, as this update suggests.

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