Starcraft II event: "everything is being released"


The Starcraft community in Korea has gone into a bit of a tizz. Tomorrow, the local media, Starcraft community, and Blizzard big-wigs have been invited to a private event at a Korean Air hangar in Gimpo Airport. The invitation suggests a major Starcraft II announcement is to take place. Full details below.

The flyer for the event, kindly translated by Starcraft Legacy reads


You've waited a long time

Everything about StarCraft II

Is finally being released!

June 24 11:00~14:00

Gimpo Airport Korean Air Hangar

Clearly, big news is about to happen. We wouldn't put it past Korea Air to have replaced all their fleet with Mutalisks, or something equally mad.

You think we're joking. Korean Air have form with Starcraft II. Here are some commercials they recently ran. On Korean Air, Hydralisks always get the window seat.