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Starbound public beta starts today, new trailer offers four minutes of awesome

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Today is International Starbound (opens in new tab) Day, or it will be once I've finished scribbling on every calendar in the world. Chucklefish's openworldcraftingsci-fisandbox (phew) game enters public beta this very day, though you'll need to pre-order the game to be allowed in. The team are trailing this momentous occasion with a new video, which shows four-and-a-half minutes of crafting, exploring, jetpacking, dungeoneering, snowball fights and general milling about. It's lovely stuff, and it's awaiting your peepers after the break.

Starbound should land on Steam later today, but if you're too impatient even for that it's still available for pre-order on the site. As we mentioned a month or so ago (opens in new tab) , the beta will come in three stages, with the first expected to be fairly buggy and changeable (so don't get too attached to your characters or universes).

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