Star Wars: The Old Republic Rakghoul event guide: how to earn your crystals, pets, and title

World bosses

There are two brand new world bosses as part of this event, and one modified one. Two are level 50, and fairly straightforward - a well-geared group of eight should be able to take them down, but you're welcome to bring up to 24 people. The other, Infected Trapjaw, is level 30 and can be taken on by smaller groups.

If you're not level 50, you'll have to find an operations group willing to take you. As these aren't the hardest bosses in the game, the odds aren't too bad: but both of the high-end bosses do substantial AoE damage, so don't place bets on your survival.

Each world boss drops level-appropriate loot and grants an achievement codex entry for everyone in the Ops group. You need all three for the title.

Infected Trapjaw

Tatooine's original world boss is much as you remember him, and is summoned by clicking the skull near -1328, -194 in the Dune Sea. He enrages when his health gets low but otherwise this is a straightforward tank and spank. It's possible to solo him as a well-geared level 50, but bear in mind that world bosses are on a two hour respawn timer, and sharing is how you make friends.


Urtagh is an infected Bantha that wanders the southern part of the Outlaw's Den PvP area. He does AoE damage to everyone around him, so melee DPS characters need to take a bit of care - otherwise, the onus is on the healers (bring two) to keep everyone up.

As this fight takes place in a PvP area, smaller groups should watch out for opportunistic enemies. As you'll be in an Operations group, it's unlikely that anyone will try their luck - but still. Be careful.

Zama Brak

Next to the Sarlaac pit in the far north of the Dune Sea is an escape pod that once contained Zama Brak, Star Wars' unluckiest smuggler. He's managed to both contract the Rakghoul plague, fall out of a space ship, and land in a giant mouth that takes a thousand years to digest people. Long story short, he's now a 20 foot tall red flesh monster. It happens.

Zama Brak is a little easier than Urtagh, as his AoE is limited to lines and circles that he paints on the ground. Nonetheless, watch your footing and you should be able to take him down fine.

Tracking the origin

The eight codex entry is granted by a hidden, non-daily quest that starts in your factions home city on Tatooine. It's time consuming, so it's a good thing to do while waiting for an Operations group to open up. Otherwise, expect the whole thing to take between an hour and an hour and a half. As a bonus, you'll get a tiny red Rakghoul pet for completing it. I called mine 'Richard McCormick'.

You qualify for the quest by gathering three buffs at different points in either Anchorhead or Mos Ila. In both, there's a TV on the wall as you leave the spaceport that'll show you a news report about the spread of the plague. Then, you need to find medical supplies at around 2350, -3670 in Anchorhead or 565, 2775 in Mos Ila. Right click it and watch a brief scene to get the buff. Finally, there are crashed escape pods at 1770, -3610 in Anchorhead and 450, 3075 in Mos Ila that work the same way. Gathering all three earns you the 'On the Trail' buff that lasts an hour and increases your elemental resistance by 10. You need this to get the quest, but you don't need to complete the quest before it times out.

Visit the area near the speeder in either city with the buff to find a computer that grants the 'Tracking the Origin' quest. You now need to find 12 chunks of debris scattered all over the Dune Sea and Jundland wastes. Details below:

Unlock the "Tracking the Origin" quest.

Use these three items.

1. Television Monitor

These Monitors are found right outside the spaceport as you enter the city. You will get a buff called Informed. When you receive all three buffs, it will turn into one buff called On the Trail.

2. Crashed Escape Pod

Found in Mos Ila (451,3063) and Anchorhead (1768, -3612), make sure you get the Attacked buff.

3. Medical Supplies

Found in Mos Ila (566, 2781) and Anchorhead (2354,-3670), make sure you get the Exposed buff.

4. Pick up the quest

Once you have the On the Trail buff, proceed to the Operations console in Mos Ila (752,2856) and Anchorhead (1826,-3263). This will unlock the Tracking the Origin quest.

Collect all twelve Starship Fragments

Now that you have the quest, you'll have to collect twelve starship fragments scattered across the desert. Coordinates apply to both factions.

The Dune Sea

1. (-2031,-1892) You'll find the fragment on the backside of the hill with tents and a ship landing pad.

2. (-2417,-755) Located on the top of the rock formations above the raider camp.

3. (-1390,-480) In the open near a few Banthas.

Southern Jundland (Empire Area)

4. On the hill with difficult and champion mobs. Found towards the back behind wreckage.

5. (304,258) Just outside Mos Anek, this fragment is located on the inside of the small canyon's wall. Drop down from above.

6. (1096,725) Found among the droids and wreckage close to the rocks.

7.(1796,602) Travel through the tunnel and to the far side of open area. Set into the rock wall.

8. (1094,-410) Once again found on the canyon wall. Drop down from the east.

Northern Jundland (Republic Area)

9. (959,-914) Cross the rock bridge from the Heroic area or from the North along lower canyon road. Hidden on a ledge to the right of the dead end.

10. (1195,-1264) Sitting in the open at this location.

11. (744,-2548) Resting atop a bunker entrance visible on map.

12. (-596,-1266) Tucked in the back of this alcove to the left and up the hill as you approach.

Smart use of fast travel can cut a little out of the travel time, but otherwise it's best to hope your speeder is comfy. Be careful trying to go 'as the crow flies', particularly in the barrier between northern and southern Jundland - I drove my brand new Tirsa Elite landspeeder directly off a cliff while not paying attention.

Scan all twelve fragments and you'll receive the final part of the quest, which is to click on the animal container in the Sand People camp where the second part of the daily quests take place. This is, thankfully, given a waypoint on your map. Finishing this stage gets you your pet and the 8th codex entry - and hopefully, your title.

That's it! We'll keep updating our guides as and when new missions are added or the event expands, but there should be more than enough to keep you going. Many thanks to the fine people of Nightmare Lands EU and the PC Gamer Mint Imperials in particular. If you're interested in getting involved with our SW:TOR activities, check out our forums.


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