Star Wars: The Old Republic patch tweaks Ilum, new trailer highlights upcoming features

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Bioware have patched Star Wars: The Old Republic to fix some of the PvP problems on Ilum caused by the recent 1.1 update. A bug would allow players on a team to invade the other team's base and camp their spawn points, taking valour points for every enemy kill. According to a post on the TOR forums , that should no longer be possible.

The cheeky Ewoks who took full advantage of the exploit will have gained masses of valour. There's no mention of any plans for stat-rollbacks prompting fears that the campers would get to retain all their ill-gotten rewards. Community manager Joveth Gonzalez says "we're definitely aware of individuals who took extreme advantage of this situation and we will be carefully evaluating and taking action as necessary."

It's hard to know what that means exactly but some players may get to experience the power of a fully operational banhammer in the near future. The population cap on Ilum has also been lowered to improve performance.

Patch 1.1 added the first stage of Rise of the Rak'ghouls to TOR. The second stage is set to arrive next month and there are plenty of updates planned for the coming year. A few are teased in the trailer above.

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