Star Wars: The Old Republic finally lets you change your weapon's appearance

SWTOR weapon outfitter
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Dressing up my myriad alts is undoubtedly one of the main appeals of Star Wars: The Old Republic. Sure, I love the drama-rich class stories and, while Legacy of the Sith was a dud, there have been some great expansions, but I'm not sure I would have stuck around for a decade if it wasn't for my obsession with Star Wars fashion. I'm pretty happy with the latest update, then, because it finally gives me complete control over my characters' swag. 

While players have been able to customise their outfits since the Rise of the Emperor update way back in 2015, weapons were excluded from the Outfitter feature. If you really dug the look of your weapon and wanted to keep using it, you'd need to keep replacing all of its mods, and with the pace of levelling in SWTOR it just made more sense to use whatever weapons you got as class rewards or from drops. 

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That's all in the past now. This week, the 7.0.2 update expands the Outfitter to include weapons. It works the same way as armour: select one of your outfits in the Outfitter tab, and then grab the weapon with the appearance you want from your inventory, dropping it into the appropriate slot. Your actual weapon's stats will still be used, but now it'll have the appearance, sound and visual effects of the one in the Outfitter. This includes the colour crystal and weapon tuning.

This will cost you some credits, but given how easy it is to become a multi-millionaire in SWTOR, it shouldn't break the bank. And it's worth it to avoid being mocked for having no drip by precocious younglings. 

Weapons being added to the Outfitter is the highlight of the update, but 7.0.2 also includes a multitude of fixes, which you can check out in the patch notes. Another double XP event is imminent, too, kicking off on May 3 and running until May 10. 

Now go experiment with some new looks. 

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